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STRIPBURGER 69 - No Ordinary Heroes
STRIPBURGER 69 - No Ordinary Heroes
STRIPBURGER 69 - No Ordinary Heroes

Magazín ze Slovinska přináší interview s autory, texty o současné komiksové tvorbě a samozřejmě komiksy, spostu komiksů. Stripburger 69 je věnován španělskému komiksu.

Autor: různí
Rozměry: A4
Jazyk: angličtina, slovinština
Počet stran: 96


In Spain, as well as elsewhere too, a self-publishing/zine virus is running rampant at the moment, releasing the creativity of many young artists. These artists are sick and tired of waiting in line to be published in established publications, and are self-organizing, self-publishing and establishing their own publications instead. This creative cauldron contains many tasty treats, by which we mean promising young comics artists. A whole bunch of them is presented in the newest 69th issue of Stripburger that starts with a ‘mute text’ penned by the seasoned veteran of the Spanish comics zine scene Olaf Ladousse.

Author: various
Dimensions: A4 
Language: English, Slovenian
Pages: 96